Three Simple Tips to Improve Your Daily Skincare Regimen

Posted on May 6, 2018 By

Some skincare tips require people to completely change how they eat, how they live, and what they use for skincare products. Anyone that wants to make changes may feel these complex steps require a little more effort than they want to commit to. A good plan is to start small with simple fixes and slowly include the more elaborate ideas like cosmetic surgery or completely reworking a diet.

Watch Water Temperature

For many years, women were told to use hot water to open and cleanse the pores and cold water to shrink the pores after they were clean. Unfortunately, any water temperature extremes can damage the skin. Cold water can break capillaries and lead to skin redness and spider veins. Hot water similarly damages the skin and may dry it out as well.

Keep Hands Away

Keeping hands away from the face is a common bit of advice that many people ignore or forget. The oil and bacteria on the hands transfer easily to the face and cause pimples and blackheads. Another reason to keep them away is the tendency of people to pick at their skin. Squeezing pimples causes swelling and scars and could lead to additional breakouts. Not ending the habit of touching the face could also lead to absentmindedly picking at dry skin or aggravating a blemish while preoccupied with work or other activities.

Apply Lotion Differently

Always apply lotion and serums to skin that is slightly damp because this is when it is more absorbent. Never rub the skin when adding any product. Rubbing facial skin could cause lines and wrinkles and is especially damaging to the delicate skin around the eyes. Always pat the lotion onto the skin. Use the pinky finger to perform this task around the eye. There is less strength in this finger, so it is the gentlest option.

Small steps can lead to big changes. Anyone that wants to reduce the appearance of aging but has given up because of the amount of effort it seems to take should remember that a lot of benefits come from breaking bad habits and swapping less effective routines and products for ones that really work.

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