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Commercial Uses of Cannabis Sativa Industrial hemp are groups of herbaceous plants. Therefore we have farms planting and maintaining cannabis for various uses. Products processes from industrial hemp are. Processing of CBD juice. Herbal Hemp is known to have major components of CBD juice. Medicinal purposes which may be prescribed by a doctor. Disease that patients may get a CBD juice prescription are. Anxiety disorders. CBD juice is a fear and worry inhibitor substance meaning it lowers the production of fear and worry hormones. People with depression and stress problems are also prescribed CBD juice.
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Continuous body pain. Some patients suffer from disorders that cause them excessive pain. The juice is said to relieve the patient of the pain.
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People who have a history of going mad for some time are also advised to get a prescription of CBD juice. The CBD helps to keep the person calm and reduces chances of an outburst. People with a history of seizure attacks may also get CBD juice medication. The CBD juice lowers that chances of the patient having seizure attacks. Consumption of medical CBD juice is like consumption marijuana just without the adverse impact of losing yourself for a moment. In some area, the resident will use hemp seeds as food. Companies also process and package ingredients made out of hemp products to be used as a food component while cooking. Hemps ingredients give the food an interesting flavor. Hemps seeds are also said to have a very high nutritional concentration which is beneficial to human beings. Production of fiber. Hemps plants are also a source of fibers used to make clothes and sacks. The clothes or sacks may be 100% made of hemp plants threads or partially made of out hemp fiber. Clothes or sack made out of hemp threads tends to be durable. Part of hemp plants are used to produce materials used for construction. Blocks in the same shape of concrete blocks can be manufactured by use hemp plant with the aid of other products. Hemps blocks have limited uses as they cannot be used for major constructions. Nevertheless the hemps blocks are good for construction of animals’ shelter. Hemps plants are a source of products that substitute wood for house construction. Modern processing of the hemp plant is trying to minimize the negative impacts attributed to the other cannabis plants. A lot of research is focused on the processing of drugs made out of the hemp plants. Laws are being passed to allow the experimentation of drugs with hemp plants products, in order to lower the previously found negative impacts.

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